The Raven Age - Exile Album Premiere Stream

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The Raven Age - Exile Album Premiere Stream

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The Year the World Stood Still - Exile Album Premiere Stream
Captured Live at the Steel Mill - Thursday September 16th at 8pm BST featuring a live Q&A with the band

With the ongoing pandemic complicating travel plans, we wanted to ensure that fans all around the globe could experience the Exile premiere first-hand. This will be a global celebration on the eve of the new Exile album release.

This show will bring a totally new experience, introducing a string quartet and pianist to a TRA performance for the first time.

We'll also have exclusive merch made available on the night and a few other cool things to share with you, so don't miss out!

We look forward to chatting with you and answering all your questions on the night.
MJ, Tony, Matty, Jai & George.

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