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What does it take to care for over 500 animals? How much sacrifice and devotion to the cause is required to set up an animal shelter in a country with a completely different attitude towards animals and dogs in particular?

There aren’t many people who could answer those questions but Lucy Austin, founder of Morocco Animal Aid—an animal shelter providing a safe haven for the animals in the Agadir region—is one of them.

After returning to Morocco in 2015 and seeing the confusion in her befriended dogs after the development in the area took over their habitat, she knew things needed to change.

What started with Lady, Button and Fox, the first three dogs to go through MAA’s TNVR program, has morphed into two shelters, hundreds of dogs saved and adopted, and an even bigger dream that seems so close to fruition. But it wasn’t without struggle, battle, blood and tears.

Six years after returning to Morocco and starting MAA, Lucy tells the story of Moroccan strays, how it all came to be and what the future holds.

Follow her journey and see for yourself why this story needed to be told. Why these animals—and the community—deserve more.
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